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Extreme Music Group

Shane Ellison, Owner

EMG is a company that has a number of highly recognized businesses dedicated to managing all aspects of events, no matter how big or small. We’re the center point of contact for all people involved, so it keeps all operations running smoothly and on time.
EMG will provide and organize all services required to have a successful and fun event, everything from Ticketing, Stage Management, Talent and even porta johns. We do just about everything needed to advance the show from the technical side to the personal riders of the artists. Here at EMG, we’ll schedule the meetings between the artist’s camps and our production managers to insure that all matters are covered before the show. There will be NO SURPRISES on the day of the show.
We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of each moving part of an event, so we have experienced people ready to take as much of the load off your shoulders as you’d like.
We care about your success and the artist’s out there making it happen.



Ron Sartor, Production Manager

As head of production for High Beam Events, Ron is responsible for coordinating all technical aspects of build-outs for events for Samsung, Dell, South by Southwest, as well as managing the daily activities of a large production team. Recent South by Southwest events included MTV Woody’s awards, Skype, and Nokia’s lab days. Ron is a partner in Show Gear Systems, supplying sound and lighting equipment for both state and nation wide shows such as the 2011 Texas Governor's Inauguration, 2011 Inaugural BBQ, Lone Star Jams, multiple AMD product tours and the official Windows 7 Tech Tour for North America. Ron also works as production manager for Turnkey Events that produces local large-scale events such as the Texas Book Festival, LIVESTRONG Challenge, Statesman Capitol 10K, and many others.

Extreme Music Group LLC